Privacy policy
General information
1. Website is owned and operated by private entrepreneur
Starikov Konstantin, 050011Almaty, Kazakhstan
2. Website collects information from visitors in the following way:
o data entered into website forms
o storing cookie files in the web browser of a visitor
o collecting web server log files
o newsletter subscription
Information about data collected using website forms
1. Website forms collect information entered by visitors voluntarily
2. Website may additionally collect information about technical parameters such as date
when form was submitted
3. Data entered into website forms is not shared with third parties
4. Data collected using website forms is used only according to the purpose of each form,
for instance to process online sale
5. Data entered by a visitor is kept indefinitely unless visitor requests for data removal
Information about cookies
1. Website uses cookie files
2. Cookie files (so called "cookies") are IT data in the form of text files stored in visitor
browser and are dedicated to be used only by the website which generated them. Cookie
files contain information about website they come from, expiration date and unique
3. Cookie files are used for:
collecting statistics about how website is being used by it's visitors
continuation of user session (after logging in) which allows visitor to continue browsing
without having to enter login information again
data from cookie files is not shared with any third parties)
Server logs
1. Some of the information about behavior of visitors are being stored in the web server
layer. This type of information is used only for the purpose of technical website
administration and website hosting.
2. Browsed resources are identified by URL addresses, beyond that following information
may be stored:
1. Time of when URL resource was requested
2. Time of when URL response was generated
3. visitor IP address
4. visitor web browser name and version
3. Information collected in this way are not being correlated with customers browsing