Postcards for postcrossing. Department of store
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We will ship your order using a tracked parcel. You will be able to track the movement of your order.

We use very reliable packaging proven by time and thousands miles of travel, so we can guarantee that your postcards will be delivered to you in perfect condition. Otherwise, we will resend the order.

The cost of shipping depends on the number of cards in the order:

  • 1-75 postcards - 12 EUR
  • 76-150 postcards - 18 EUR
  • more than 150 postcards - 30 EUR

Delivery to European country - 8-15 days
Delivery to USA - 15-30 days

Video of order packaging

Delivery time map

7-15 days
10-15 days
10-15 days
10-20 days
10-20 days
15-25 days
20-40 days
America - 15-30 days
Delivery time map

Packaging order up to 80 postcards

Order packaging more than 80 postcards

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