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Hi! My name is Ivan, I am the owner of Magicard stores. In 2012 was opened and not so long time ago I opened department. My postcards are pleasant to the touch, have comfortable turnover for signing and colorful printing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me using the contacts listed on the site. I always glad to help:)

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My personal tel - +79117543803
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I hope you enjoy the process of selection of postcards and feel comfortable while shopping:) So, about our work:

We use very reliable packaging proven by time and thousands miles of travel. We guarantee that you will receive your postcards safe, otherwise we will resend damaged postcards. Or if post will lose your order, we’ll back your money!
- Shipping from a wonderful city - Saint Petersburg, Russia
- We have all the necessary licenses from painters for printing our postcards

- For more information about the delivery and payment of your orders see here - Delivery and Payment

Give joy with Magicard!